Creampuff the Cat, posing for “cute”

Creampuff tends to be the low cat on the totem pole. Ophelia took Tiger’s place as Top Cat and of course I take up a lot of space.

Creampuff doesn’t mind. She’s my ditziest housemate. If she were a human, she’d be Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant.

Creampuff plays with everybody. She even sniffs at me when I walk by. She eats my food and takes over my dog bed. She’s determined to become friends with Ophelia. My mom thinks it’s gonna happen. Ophelia used to hiss at Creampuff but Ophelia’s running out of energy. She’s no kitten.

Here’s Creampuff looking absolutely adorable. That’s what Creampuff does best. She’s the most photogenic member of our household. She’s just taking a break in Cathy’s closet, getting white hair all over Cathy’s clothes.

“No point buying nice furniture or clothes,” Mom says. “Not with all these animals.”

I’ve been living with my mom for over three years and I understand what’s going on. Mom has no desire to buy nice clothes or furniture. We’re just an excuse.

Here’s Creampuff

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