Congratulations to Belle (and her owner, too)

My mom follows the Facebook posts of Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, the world-class copywriter and big-hearted dog lover. Lorrie’s dog Bandit has a Facebook page. Bandit is ┬ápit bull who wandered into Lorrie’s life and somehow ended up staying.

Lorrie had a rescue dog, Shadow, first. Shadow just crossed the bridge. Lorrie was smart, like my mom. She knew there was a dog who needed rescuing out there. She knew Bandit would be lonely. So she got another dog, Belle, who’s beautiful. She introduced Bandit to the new dog and Bandit chose his new housemate.

My mom doesn’t believe in waiting to adopt. She quotes from this wonderful poem, A Dog’s Last Will and Testament. She got me about six weeks after Keesha crossed the bridge. She also adopts cats with the speed of lightning. I went down to help her adopt Ophelia when we lived in Seattle, but nobody asked my opinion.

She got Pumpkin from a foster mom just days after Ophelia crossed the bridge. That was a good move. Pumpkin and I are buddies.

“Why wait?” my mom asks. “You think the world will slow down for five minutes when it’s my turn to go?”

Not to change the subject, but I could use another treat about now.

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