Cloning dogs? Not for me.

Did you see the latest dog news? Some idiot decided to clone a dog named Missy.

OK, Missy is adorable. Her clones seem to have the same delightful personality. But who needs it?

My nerdy mom, Cathy, said, “Gee, Gracie, I could have cloned Keesha. The perfect dog.” She looks at me sternly. “Keesha never, ever chewed. I could leave her in a room full of socks and woolly hats and nothing would be touched.”

Yeah, right. But she has selective memory syndrome. She forgets that Keesha terrorized the cats and barked every time Cathy came home.

But I wonder: if cloning were available and affordable, would I be here, sleeping peacefully on her couch after yesterday’sdog is sound asleep 2-hour run along the shores of Lake Washington, with a handful of other dogs and my wonderful Aunt Sara? Would I be enjoying nights on Cathy’s bed, gourmet treats and the joys of torturing our feline housemates?

Would Cathy even be writing this blog? Would she have found another Canine Urban Princess – a CUPPIE – whose thoughts were as newsworthy as mine?

And where would I be now…hanging out in a foster home, waiting for someone to adopt an “older” dog?

So who needs clones? Just go find a rescue group and adopt a dog. My foster mom told Cathy all about me…well, almost. My foster mom said, “Gracie likes to sit on her cushion and chew on her chew toys.” True. But she didn’t add that I also enjoy chewing socks, hats and even an occasional book, business card or even a bank statement for dessert.

So I’m glad Cathy had to go find a new dog instead of cloning her old one. Anyway, she says, accepting the inevitable: “Who’s going to treat all their dogs the same? Even if I’d cloned Keesha, I’d probably be a different owner. I always said I’d never let a dog sleep on my couch.”

Yeah, right.

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