Cat takes over the sofa

So Creampuff has invaded my crate. And now look who’s  perched on the edge of the sofa: Ophelia, our neweset housemate, posing like a model.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” my mom exclaims.

“Isn’t she useless?” I reply back.

But Cathy ignores me.

“She’s so healthy! After her trauma of moving and her battle with liver disease…I’m so proud of her.”

Earth to mom. Ophelia moved in here about 8 months ago. Lots of time to recover from her trauma. And as for liver disease, it’s more about force feeding and milk thistle than Ophelia’s own character.

But life could be worse. Mom needs her illusions.  Ophelia’s pretty mellow, for a cat. As long as nobody eats my food, I’m happy.

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