Cat on camera: lights, camera, action!

My techno-challenged mom just discovered that her Sony Cybershot camera takes videos! She bought this camera on eBay on the advice of a Craigslist tech person who tried to help her with her computer. She’s now upset with Sony Corporation because, she said, they make lousy manuals. “Almost 200 bucks for a camera and they can’t write a decent manual with diagrams? They should hire me!” she says.

She discovered this feature by accident. Her memory stick got full and she couldn’t figure out why. Then she found she was downloading files in avi format, not jpeg, whatever that means. So she experimented. Her first videos were accidental where she moved the camera. So she got rid of those.

Here’s Cathy’s first intentional video. Guess who’s the featured subject. Yeah, right. Not me.

But she promises to take her camera to the dog park soon. Now let’s see if she can do an upload…Well, it’s kind of kluge-y and it’s like watching paint dry, but still:

Click on this link: Ophelia doing her thing

Does this work?! Please comment below and let us know. If you’ve got a link to a better way to upload videos, please, please write a comment! I want to be a star.

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