Good Dog Has A Bad Food Day

Uh oh. My mom was afraid she’d have to take me to the vet. My tummy was sore and I dragged her out an extra time to Do My Serious Business. Still, she let me go to Magnuson with Bob, who was replacing my vacationing Aunt Sara.

Bob isn’t clued in to my mom’s business so he interrupted her phone call while she was telling people about her new workshop for next week.

Of course I had to skip dinner. I was one hungry pooch. This morning the mom fixed me a big fluffy dish of rice. Just what I’ve always wanted, right? Doesn’t taste much like a treat. But I was so hungry I scarfed it down. Tonight I got rice and a tiny helping of bland dog food. Better. Then mom took me off to bed. We’re both tired this week. Too much fresh air and too much going on in our lives.

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