Baby-proofing your dog? Gimme a break…

Today’s Wall Street Journal featured an article about services who help baby-proof your dog.


My mom, Cathy, interrupted my morning snooze to tell me, “Some people pay trainers to help their dogsbaby and dog deal with a new baby!”

OK, big deal. I’ve never lived with a baby. When I see them in carriages I go up and sniff them. They’re sort of a cross between a person – like my mom – and a cat, like that ditzy Creampuff we live with. So I’m very gentle. In fact, I’m nice to everything except motorcycles and skateboards.

It seems that people are paying trainers to prepare the dog for the arrival of the baby. They walk strollers with fake doll babies. They stop spoiling their dogs.

One of Cathy’s clients told her awhile back, “When the baby comes, your priorities shift.”

Fortunately we will not be facing that challenge. I told you: Cathy’s not exactly the Earth Mother type. We won’t even be getting a kitten.

But Cathy had an idea. Right next to the baby-proofing article was another article about people who are going broke in the recession. Why don’t some of those people become dog walkers, dog sitters and dog trainers (if they’re qualified, of course)? My Aunt Sara is so booked up she’s Not Taking New Dogs. I got on the list just in time.

But don’t rush into this field unless you’re really committed. CUPPIES like me require a lot of attention. Cathy can’t leave me alone for a minute. She’s somewhat overprotective, but I love it.

Okay, back to my nap. Next time Cathy gets excited about an article, I hope she’ll just blog about it…quietly.

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