Another cute dog: I’m getting jealous

dog with winter coatHere’s one of my dog friends, Beau. He comes to the dog park with his owner. Notice how Beau is all dressed up in a little winter coat. He actually seems to like it, doesn’t he?

My mom started laughing out loud when she saw Beau in his little coat. “We’ve got to take a picture,” she said. So now I have to share my blog with this Pomeranian.

My mom won’t get me a winter coat. She just had her parka cleaned. “My parka is more than ten years old,” she says, “and it still keeps me warm. Now that it’s cleaned it looks like new.”

Well, if my mom’s not getting a new winter coat, you can bet I’m not either. The vet said I don’t need one since I’m not shivering. But I bet I’d look absolutely adorable, wouldn’t I?

2 thoughts on “Another cute dog: I’m getting jealous”

  1. Not likely, Bobbie. Thanks for the hint but my mom won’t take it.

    My mom says, “I’m wearing the same winter coat for many years and the vet says you don’t need one. And you’ve got a whole wardrobe of bandannas from the dog groomer. Anyway, think how much I spend on your dog walking excursions to Magnuson Park!”

    True. Anyway, people keep telling me I look adorable no matter what, which hardly makes the case for a new coat. If anybody plays Santa, it’s not going to be the Mom.

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