And the winner is …

pumpkininbedThe winner of the Academy Award for Best Feline Dramatic Performance is none other than our own Pumpkin the Cat. Weighing in at a hefty fourteen pounds, Pumpkin has managed to communicate that she is a poor, starving stray who deserves more food.

My mom falls for it. “Maybe just a few crunchies,” she says.

She’s getting tougher, though. Pumpkin fills my dog bed nicely. She’s given up on crawling into the kitty-sized furniture. So sometimes she just gives Pumpkin a pat on the head and says, “It’s not dinner time yet.”

As for me, I get my food carefully measured at each of my two daily meals. My mom is terrified that I’ll get fat and put too much pressure on my slender leg joints.

“You like to run and jump, Gracie,” she says. “We’ll make sure you keep moving.”

Tough love. At least I get to wangle treats from all the soft-hearted neighbors.

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