Advice from the Psychic Visitor

Ellen is a party entertainer who works with tarot cards and astrology. My mom scoffs but she’s always eager to get Ellen’s celestial advice. She says Ellen is more businesswoman than reader. Ellen has amazing intuition, she says. She’s more like a natural psychic.

So she asked Ellen to “read” the cats. And she was thrilled when Ellen said, “Ophelia wants affection. She needs more cuddling and patting.”

So Mom took Ophelia into her lap immediately. Sure enough, Ophelia purred so loudly we could hear her clear across the room.

But what about me? Ellen said I am a “spoiled canine.” Just because I tried to eat the tarot cards. Big deal.

So much for psychic powers. I’m not spoiled. I just know a good dog mom when I see one.

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