Adopting a new city dog? Think “experienced”

Another thing my mom did right when she adopted me: She didn’t even consider a puppy.

“Unless you are an experienced dog owner with a lot of time, your urban dog should be a city dog,” she says.

She’s right. Apart from training, a puppy can grow up in surprising ways. Sometimes we see another dog when we’re out on our walks. Let’s call her “Fido.” Fido’s owner bought her as a puppy from a breeder. Fido’s owner chose the breed carefully. We’re not sure what the breed is, but we think it looks just like one of the mixed breeds we¬† see in the dog park. (We’re a little biased.)

Fido is super-mellow and playful but she has one serious problem. She’s afraid of traffic. Fido’s owner has to take walks at night. They drive to the Regrade urban dog park, for heaven’s sake. That’s just a mile or so from where we live.

And Fido doesn’t handle boarding well. She freaks in day care.

Lesson to my readers: Forget the puppies. Get a seasoned dog like me. What you see is what you get.

Right now you get a dog that’s ready for a nap.

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