A new twist on Sleepless in Seattle

We are all tired today. My mom has been selling or giving away most of her possessions. She says, “As long as I’m buying a condo I will have a nice place to live. And the sellers left me a bunch of beautiful furniture to get started.”

So yesterday she sold the bed to a very nice man who drove all the way up from Olympia. His brother is coming to visit for a month and they need a bed. The mom was ready. Last time she showed the bed, two cats were sitting on it and then I jumped up to snuggle when the new buyer tried out the bed. So this time she shut the door and she got lucky: I was out with my Aunt Sara, playing happily in the dog park.

As the man was taking out the box springs, a cat’s head poked out the bottom.

“Creampuff!” my mom exclaimed, trying to act surprised. “What are you doing under there?”

Luckily the man had a sense of humor and was probably desperate. “Is the cat included? Good thing I took my allergy pills this morning,” he said.

My mom admits she was ready to say, “Sure – take the cat too!” Alas, Creampuff jumped out as he was leaving. Cats will always be part of our lives. .

I heard about all this when I got home and saw a big empty space where our bed used to be. Where are we supposed to sleep tonight? I asked in my own nonverbal way.

Well, I found out. The mom took over the couch, which we are still trying to give away. She didn’t have much room because I had to sleep at the other end.

“Tonight we are going to sleep in the new place,” my mom said firmly, as she creaked her way out of bed. “Two dance classes in a row and now this…I’m exhausted.”

Our wonderful painter, Mark, says he’s just about finished. My mom said she’d rather deal with a few paint fumes than another night on the couch. And hopefully by tonight there won’t be any couch. She just re-posted her giveaway notice on Craigslist.

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