Pumpkin Greeting Dog With Diplomacy and Respect

Pumpkin seems to be a cat who follows proper etiquette. My mom says, “Pumpkin is such a diplomat! Maybe we should let her handle the Middle East crisis.”

Clearly my mom gets carried away.

However, even I am impressed. Here’s a photo of Pumpkin approaching my basket. Notice how respectful she looks. After all I’m the princess here.

You’ll also notice toys all over the floor.

And I’m in a grouchy mood because my tummy was upset when we went for a walk this morning and my mom decreed, “No breakfast!” She promised to get me some rice later today. Yippee.

Pumpkin’s no fool. She’s not hissing or yowling. My mom predicts we’ll all be buddies, especially when the cold weather comes and we all huddle together on the blankets.

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