Conversations with the Cat

by Gracie the Dog on November 14, 2016

We’ve got a new housemate and I think this one’s going to stay awhile. She arrived as a skinny, scruffy cat from Morris Animal Shelter. My mom kept feeding her at all hours and now she’s fluffy. She’s not a normal cat. She won’t get off my mom’s bed, no matter what, except to use the litter box (thank goodness).

It’s been 5 months and now Moka has started blaming me, the resident dog, for everything. She’s an easy cat: we sleep side by side on my mom’s bed every night. One day I moved too fast and she gave me a gentle swat on the nose, which I totally ignored.

Moka’s also gotten very, very fussy. Here’s a recent conversation I overheard as my mom was leaving Moka’s food in the bedroom.

Moka: “This food is disgusting. How can you expect me to eat this? Even the dog wouldn’t touch it.”

Mom: It’s a high-quality nutritious cat food and costs a bundle…and you ate it yesterday.

Moka: I am going on strike. I will starve. You will be sorry.

Mom: I’m going out for a few hours. Enjoy!

Moka: You are a mean, cruel owner. I will ask the shelter to find me a new home with an owner who gives me nothing but Fancy Feast.

Mom: Good luck with that one.

Two hours later:

Mom: Moka, you ate every bit! This is wonderful.
Moka: No. The dog ate it.
Mom: You are in a room alone with the door closed. The dog can’t reach up and turn the knob.
Moka: The dog is very smart.
Mom: Moka, have you considered going into politics?


Miss Cranky Pants Is Gone

by Gracie the Dog on April 22, 2016

Feeling so sad! I didn’t expect to. I found a really good home for Miss CrankyPants. She is on a 2-week trial but I suspect she’s gone. Her new dad is a classically trained musician who teaches at a middle school and performs locally.
He understands cats. He had no trouble picking her up and putting her into her new carrier. She will have a whole floor set aside (he’s in a trinity) so she can enjoy her solitude without being stuck in a bathroom.
Logically I am so happy for her. She might eventually tolerate the other animals but it would take months, and now she has the potential for wonderful home that suits her cranky self. She’ll have a lap to sit on without worrying about another cat. Maybe she’ll calm down listening to Mozart. 😉
The condo seems so empty. Eventually I’ll get a cat who’s more accustomed to other animals and doesn’t freak them out with growling. But I have to wait till he officially agrees to keep her. Fingers and paws crossed!


An old dog living the life she deserves…

March 27, 2016
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New adopted cat enters the household

March 2, 2016

My mom adopts old cats and they don’t last long. She’s had Creampuff since February 2002. “Creampuff was just 2 at the time,” she says. “I don’t usually adopt young cats. But I have to admit, it’s been nice living with a cat for so many years.” She had Tiger a long time – about […]

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Winter in Philadelphia

April 26, 2015

From the Indy Hall window. My mom works there sometimes.

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The family … an uneasy truce

December 22, 2014

The three of us all together on the couch. My mom piles on the pillows. I love pillows! Creampuff is being aloof and ditzy as usual. Pumpkin likes to sit on the back of the couch and rule the roost. My mom isn’t exactly Ms. Homemaker of the Year. Notice the throw that’s clashing with […]

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It is SO cold … and I hate my coat!

December 10, 2014

Here I am in my beautiful new winter coat. My mom got it last year on sale. I look adorable. But I hate it. I refused to do my business till my mom took the coat off. Of course I may have gained a pound or two in the last year, but who’s counting? Is […]

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Congratulations to Belle (and her owner, too)

August 23, 2014

My mom follows the Facebook posts of Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, the world-class copywriter and big-hearted dog lover. Lorrie’s dog Bandit has a Facebook page. Bandit is  pit bull who wandered into Lorrie’s life and somehow ended up staying. Lorrie had a rescue dog, Shadow, first. Shadow just crossed the bridge. Lorrie was smart, like my mom. […]

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Time to get blogging again

August 22, 2014

My mom decided I need to get back to blogging. I’ve got lots of news, she says. Really? She just got back from Seattle, where we got together originally. “It wasn’t the same without you, Gracie,” she told me. “I felt naked walking around the old neighborhood, Lower Queen Anne. I would never walk alone […]

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Undercover Cat

March 7, 2014

It’s cold out there! Sometimes an adopted cat needs to create her own cave for warmth and privacy. My mom often wishes she could do the same. I keep reminding her it’s my blog, but she points out that our cats are SO photogenic … and it’s not like I’ve never been photographed. “Pumpkin is […]

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